The year is 20XX and for one city, things are never going to be the same again.

When a meteorite strikes a nearby mountain, it comes as a shock to the local citizens, but they soon settle back into their everyday routines.

Then, six months later, on the 6th June...


No sooner do these three digits appear scrawled on local landmark, the TV Tower, than all the electronic devices in the city go haywire.

Accidents abound and the death toll rises, but the victims are refusing to stay dead. They are rising again as zombies, and hunting the living.

In factories, hospitals, and the city center, the undead are everywhere, attacking victims and adding to their numbers as the city descends into chaos.

This is the story of four people and their fight for survival against overwhelming odds...

image : Citizen and Boss 1
image : Stage 3
image : MrTubbs
image : Boss2
image : Boss3