Get FUT Icons for free

Icons on FIFA Ultimate Team are extremely important. They can make the difference in almost every situation. If you check out the matches by the  Top 100 in the Weekend League you will see almost everyone of them are using at least three Icons. Almost everyone is using Rio Ferdinand. The pro gamer are using Icons and you should do as well.

How to get the FUT Icons for free?

This is very simple. Our FIFA 18 hack helps you to generate free FIFA 18 coins and points. Within a few clicks you will be able to get as much free coins and points as possible. It works extremely fast and easy. Everyone can do it. But what is the most important thing when it comes to the FIFA 18 coin generator? You get the chance to never spend money again for this game. Lets make it clear: Everyone wants great team, but this is very hard. You must be very rich or very lucky. Imagine you just bought the game and you are about to open 5 normal gold packs. Normally all you find are common items like player contracts, but suddenly you get Pele out of these packs. You can sell him for 5 million coins. Extremely lucky! You will never have to spend money on the game again. However, the reality is much different. There are few people who are spending tons of money but never have any luck when it comes to opening packs. 

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Simply generate yourself free FIFA 18 coins and points and then use them to buy Icons on the transfer market. It is super easy. We got some videos online on here, which are explaining pretty well how to run the FIFA 18 coins hack. After you got your coins and points you can do whatever you want. Also you can run the FIFA 18 hack any time you want and as often as you want. There is no specific limit on how many free FUT 18 coins you can get. Check it out. We are sure you will love it.

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