To get free FIFA 18 coins and points on Ultimate Team can be easier than you think! In this article we gonna explain to you how to use the FIFA 18 coin generator, hacks and other cheats for the PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and any other device. Check this out!

It took a really long time for gamer to realize EA is ripping them off systematically. Finally they decided for ways on how to get all the coins and points on FUT 18 for free. Some of them even came up with a simple idea. They wanted to change this depressing situation of FIFA becoming more and more a “Pay-To-Win” game. EA Sports even added more tournaments to strengthen the competition. The result is the gamer need always better player in order to beat their opponents. In the beginning FIFA Ultimate Team was really fun and exciting. At this moment there were only “In-form” player, but since then it drastically changed. Right now there are so many different kind of special players, nobody knows all of them. Now they got Heroes, Man of the Match, Man of the Week, TOTS, TOTY, Chinese New Year, St. Patricks Day and so on in all different colors. Pink, yellow, red, blue, orange etc. its actually kinda ridiculous. It can be really simple to get great player and to form an awesome team. All you need to do is run the FIFA 18 coin generator on your iOS or Android smartphone, PC or console. This is how you do it:

  1. Enter your PSN ID, Xbox Live Gamertag or PC username
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From now on you never have to spend money for the game again. It is much more fun to have lots of items on FUT 18. Why? Because you can get any player you want. You are absolutely independent to choose who you gonna buy and you don’t even have to care about the price. Isn’t this awesome? The FIFA 18 hack is maybe the best method when it comes to cheating on this game. Although FUT 18 cheats are not really appreciated by the community. Lets face the facts; no one wants to spend money for FIFA Points? Everyone knows inside these packs are only average player, useless items and its a big waste of money in general. Why should anyone waste their cash? It is also available in German.

Its up to you to use the FIFA 18 coins hack. If you are using it correctly there is nothing which can stop you of becoming the best. Dominate the FUT Champions Cup, Seasons or the Weekend League by simply playing with the strongest team ever. Take a look on the other teams and you will see how strong they are. The best player on Ultimate Team are the secret to win the matches and the FIFA 18 coins hack will help you to achieve this!